The Ontology of Me

It has been awhile since I’ve had a website or blog. That’s funny considering my bachelors degree in IT/web development. I used to love all things websites…until getting a job at a large real estate brokerage developing websites. My love of creating something pretty became a zoo of, “That font’s ugly,” “The color isn’t just right,” “I don’t like that picture,” “I need this information changed…it’s an emergency…I don’t care if you’re on the way to the ER…your friend will probably have another heart attack at a more convenient time…me me me me me first!”

So…six months ago I left websites behind. I now work for a Fortune above 10 company as a project manager…not in IT. I’m taking a different path.

Ontology is a way of being. I thought The Ontology of Me is a good name for a blog post about…me…If I have to learn all these doctoral words I may as well use them.

I’m not quite a doctor yet, but I will be by the third quarter of next year. ¬†For the past decade, I’ve worked full-time while going to school full-time. In my tiny amount spare time, I sing with a harmony group. I’m doing Weight Watchers at the moment. During the month of October, I lost 14 pounds. The past three days I cheated, but now I’m back on target. It’s hard to lose weight when you love wine as much as I do, but it’s absolutely do-able. I hope to lose another 86 pounds. We’ll see how it goes.

You can expect to see just about anything here. I’m so sick of Facebook. What irritates me the most is how people tend to be followers. There are few unique people on Facebook. Everybody posts the same old tired stuff. I just want something different. So here I am.


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