Just When I Thought Life Couldn’t Get Any More Interesting

My ex-husband came over this morning. He and I have a friendly relationship, even though we have been divorced 15 years. He told me he received a phone call from a woman this week who asked him if he could be her father. Apparently, her DNA does not match the man’s that she thought was her father. For my ex-husband to be her father, he would have been involved in a relationship with an older, married woman while he was a minor. Her husband at the time can be a very scary man.

My ex said he is not the young woman’s father, yet he told her he is willing to take a DNA test. I’m not sure if that’s just for her, or if he’s keeping a secret.  She is obviously Hispanic, and both of her parents are Caucasian. My ex is Hispanic.

I admire this woman’s bravery. It must be very difficult for her to pursue this. I hope she finds what she’s looking for. If my ex is her father, I hope he will be nice to her. I’m sure he will because her family and our family grew up together and have always been close friends. She lives in another state, and my ex is dying, so I hope they get it figured out quickly…and the man she thought was her father doesn’t hurt anyone.


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