Project Managing A Person

I’ve always thought you could project manage anything. We project managers can organize, establish completion dates, timelines, milestones, and lots of documentation. This week, my boss assigned me the project of PM’ing a person.

The person was notified as well that she’s being PM’d. It’s off to a bit of a rocky start. I initially thought she lacked time management skills, but the fact is she’s doing other things besides work. She volunteers at a number of places during work hours.

My boss has already failed with this person, so she was hoping I could do something. I had a discovery meeting with the lady, and we established completion dates for her work. She balked, but I insisted so she finally agreed. All was good until I started entering the completion dates into our project tracking system. Then, she insisted that these were only anticipated completion dates and I might confuse someone. I told her that no one would be confused. My instructions are to ride her until the work is done.

So, this is a bit interesting. Part of me feels a little sorry for this lady, but the other part of me knows she’s drawing a paycheck and producing no work for it. She’s a professional employee with an advanced degree, so this is a bit surprising to me. I do think she’s being disrespectful by taking money from a wonderful company and producing no work. She’s being disrespectful by giving her boss late work – or none at all. She’s being disrespectful by being uncooperative to me and not giving the project owners what they’ve asked for. I have a problem with people who disrespect others.

My boss thinks I’m Ms. Organization. When I joined the company six months ago, the department was in a bit of disarray. A number of projects were chaotic and out of control. I developed new processes and got everything organized. Now she thinks I can organize anything. If she only knew I can’t clean a house. Seriously. It’s like there’s a gene that tells people how to clean, and I didn’t get that gene. What makes it worse is that when I do clean something it’s only a short time before it’s dirty again. Cleaning is a full-time job. If you clean full-time then how are you going to make money to feed yourself? Ah well…thank goodness a little dirt doesn’t bother me.


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