Southern Style Baked Beans


I want to begin this post by saying I got this photo and recipe from a blog called South Your Mouth, so if you click on the photo above it will take you to the recipe on that site.

These are the best baked beans I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve made them about a dozen times, and I’m making them again to take to a Thanksgiving dinner with my ex-husband’s family.

I’ve had some pretty bad seasonal allergies for the past three weeks that have derailed me. I’ve fallen off my Weight Watchers plan. I do intend to get back up quickly. Part of it is stress-related. I have a lot of open projects at work, several of them new. Also, I’m in a challenging research class and have to write eight papers in eight weeks, in addition to all the reading and research. It’s also our big holiday performance season with Sweet Adelines, and I have a lot of new music to learn. Stress derails me every time – even if some of it is fun stress.

So, I hope you enjoy the baked beans as much as I have.


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